Safe House girls & crew getting engaged in our community mapping!

On Friday, 24th June, everyone around the Mugumu Safe House was getting involved with our community mapping programme that we were able to set up with the help of a HOT microgrant:

Below in the photo, Neema the Safe House social worker showing Ayubu how to access a map of Mugumu on a phone provided by the HOT microgrant. Although he is the Safe House driver he’s never used a map before.

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An Applaud to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team

Yesterday 23rd June 2017 under the Crowd2Map project;

Janet Chapman  “on the ground”  with the girls at the safe house started off  by making all the necessary configurations and  setting up phones for training more volunteers on how to create navigable maps of local areas in Tanzania to help rescue and allocate innocent girls who are  being forced to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).


We greatly thank the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap for offering this grant for purchasing these phones and all the necessary peripherals.
Volunteers were further trained on how to use smartphones to collect and help capture the where about of all the girls likely to face the  risk of Female Genital Mutilation.

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Crowd Sourced Mapping to support sustainable development and help prevent FGM in rural Tanzania.

Jianting Zhao is an Azavea Summer of Maps Fellow and is working with Crowd2Map to analyse the cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) by location in Tanzania.

Azavea is an award winning software development, analysis and visualisation firm that applies Geospatial technology for civic social and environmental impact. The summer with GIS background with select non-profit organisations to work on spatial analysis projects in this Crowd Sourced Mapping to Support Sustainable Development and help prevent FGM in Rural Tanzania” Project, Jionting will visualise how FGM incidents are distributed and what factors affect FGM cases.

On 22nd August 2017, Jionting will be presenting her work to anyone who is interested in this topic please join us on zoom where you will be able to listen to the presentation and ask questions. Link will be emailed to registered participants 24 hrs before the event. The event will also be recorded.

Community mapping begins this week!

On Tuesday 20th June Janet Chapman, Campaigns Manager for Tanzania Development Trust and Co-founder of Crowd2map with Egle Ramanauskaite from the Human Computation Institute  will be going to Tanzania for a month to kick start our community mapping programme funded by a Humanitarian OpenStreetMap  (HOT) Microgrant. This will allow us to purchase phones and deliver training to 48 village level Community Change Agents every month in 4 areas of Tanzania so that they can map their villages into OpenStreetMap.

This will include adding water points, schools, clinics, places of employment and Government offices to enable development in these areas of extreme poverty, and help protect girls from Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage. You can follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter .

Thank you so much!

A mapathon taking place in an office


On Wednesday 8 th June 2017 we had a successful mapathon at CMAST with a live link to London and Safe house when they made 5000 changes to kulimi, 500 buildings, 200 km roads and had a great time.

Thank you to everyone at CMAST! 

even for these encouraging quotes;

  • A useful and fun activity for any team! “Jan”
  •  Touching!- “Alan”.
  • It’s nice to be able to contribute in such an easy way! “Richard”
  • It was a revelation to be able to do so much with so little.- “Sven”.
  • What a great evening hearing Rhobi’s story  was touching, i am proud to have helped her.-“Anneleen”
  • Everyone can contribute ,and you can really make a difference and help people in need ! “Allen”.


If you would like to organize similar Mapathon at your office please get in touch!