You can map, validate, donate your old phone, donate via Global Giving, or volunteer to help in other ways!


We are mapping buildings, roads and villages via satellite imagery on OpenStreetMap – everyone can help. You need to register on, open HOT Tasking Manager and map one of these tasks on your computer.

All the instructions can be found in each task, and here is a helpful video to get you started.

If you are mapping locally in Tanzania, find mapping instructions here.

If you would like to be partnered with a remote mapper to help with fieldpapers, please get in touch.


All maps on OSM need to be validated – just so we don’t leave any mistakes. Any more experienced mapper can do it.

If you have done validation before, head straight to one of these tasks on the HOT Tasking manager, and get started!

If you have never done validating before, contact us and we will walk you through it.



Any donation, big or small, goes a long way
in Tanzania. We are using donations to buy phones, train community
change agents and run mapping workshop locally in Tanzania.

Donate today via Global Giving!