We mobilise teams of volunteers to map Tanzania into OpenStreetMap. Remote mappers from all over the world map projects we set up on the HOTOSM Tasking Manager. Anyone with an internet connection can get involved, and we provide training and support via our Slack channel and regular mapping events.

Mappers in Tanzania add their local knowledge, particularly using free apps such as Organic Maps (getting started instructions here) and OSMAND.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us here.

Some of our volunteer mappers in Tanzania explain why they need maps.

This short film explores how maps help FGM activists like
Rhobi Samwelly and the Hope team protect girls from being cut. 

There is almost always time pressure to reach girls in villages as we are often made aware at night that cutting is due to take place with just hours to spare. Finding remote villages in Tanzania can be extremely difficult as rural areas have not, historically, been sufficiently mapped.

We’ve been mapping rural Tanzania since 2015 in order to help get girls out of danger and into safe houses before they can be cut.