To help new mappers acquire the basic skills needed to add data to OpenStreetMap, Crowd2Map has set up a training programme on Canvas, enabling mappers to earn digital badges for their achievements. The How to Map Buildings 101 module was launched in July 2020. More training modules and badges will follow in the coming months.

Badge 1: How to Map Buildings 101

Image of Mapping 101 badge

The recipient of this badge has shown a basic knowledge of how to correctly add buildings in OpenStreetMap. In order to earn this badge, the recipient has to complete an online quiz on Canvas, achieving a 100% score.

Topics covered include:

  • how to trace and tag buildings
  • how to square rectangular buildings
  • how to map each building individually and accurately
  • how to distinguish buildings from natural features
  • how to avoid accidentally joining buildings to roads, buildings and other areas

You can access instructions about mapping buildings and get the badge here.