Are you in a Geography or International Development university department, wanting a real life example of how mapping can help rural African communities?

Who are we?

Crowd2Map Tanzania is an initiative created and managed by the Tanzania Development Trust. There are many missing maps in rural Africa. We have made it our mission to add as many OpenStreetMaproads and buildings to rural Tanzania.

Our goal

Our efforts have resulted in creating better maps which help humanitarian aid agencies, but especially vulnerable girls. Girls in Tanzania are at risk of being genitally mutilated (female gender mutilation/ FGM), and our maps help them find safer routes to and from schools.

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How you can help

We offer you an opportunity to do remote (online) mapping (psst… there are additional, related opportunities when you join us). Whether you have 1 or 5 hours a week to assist us, we need you! Please join our growing community of international volunteers. Some of them are on the ground in Tanzania, and we’ll encourage you to work with them through our various communication channels. We use a combination of satellite and field mapping and validation in our approach.

What is in it for you?

As a student in geography, topology, geology; in humanitarian studies and international development work, you’ll be giving us the kind of insightful and motivated help we are looking for. In turn, we’ll reward you with a badge and/or certificate honoring your volunteering contribution. And: You will expand your international network online for future opportunities. Volunteering opens doors!

Additional opportunities

Once you connect with us, we’ll have further opportunities. For instance: You may want to deliver training sessions on OpenStreetMap. You may want to take part in our competition to create a printed map of a village. Or you may be interested in forming a YouthMapper chapter.

Come on… join us!