Received a note from Wambura Kisika, the legal officer at the Mugumu Safe House! Here it is, in his own words, why our mapping is helping their crucial effort to fight FGM:

On our side we are doing fine at the safe house. The map is very important because most of the villages where the girls come from are remote areas, there no passable ways, no bridges for the rivers, settlements are scattered and some areas with some dangerous animals, so as can remember we are working with volunteers who informs us about the incidents in villages, during the cutting season when we are informed of the incident we have to know the road to that particular place which is passable, the volunteers also should know the road where we can meet and the girls also have to know the road to the safe house.
Currently we using the map to reach some place where we never reached before, educating them about the effects of FGM and making  demonstration for those who would like to run to the safe house during the cutting season we are also thinking to use the map distance to plan the fuel budget for collecting some girls who will fail to reach the safe house and during returning them back home…

– Wambura Kisika, Mugumu Safe House